Summer Creative Writing & Drama Workshops

BYT High Wycombe tutor Carys Wright took time out to talk to us about some of the workshops taking place as part of our BYT Summer School

Our recent creative writing and drama workshops in High Wycombe have been a great success, marrying entertainment with key learning.We always pride ourselves on our pencil and paper focus at the centre, and the sessions have allowed for more screen free time for our students — time that can easily dwindle both at school and at home. The students were given the opportunity to get to know one another outside of the usual classroom environment and engage with the tutors in a more interactive and creative way, maximising their ability to engage with others.

It was fantastic to see students communicating with growing confidence even over the course of one drama session, and for their abilities to read one another’s body language and interpret speech improve hugely.

Games focusing on status, presentation, and short improvisations equipped the children with skills that they will call upon throughout their lives. How to communicate confidently and effectively, and the essential skills of listening to and interpreting the feelings and words of others, were built on in a fun and interactive environment. Similarly, the creative writing workshop allowed for more focus to be put on the importance of establishing setting, character, relationships and plot outside of the usual themed writing tasks. Inspiring characters, settings and objects were chosen by the children and challenging keywords were incorporated into the stories. The resulting stories were longer than usual, had a clearer focus and were far more engaging. Giving the children’s imaginations free reign, alongside the guidance of specific literary techniques, resulted in impressive and engaging writing that will impact on the children’s work back in the classroom. We are very excited to see these workshops benefit our students and hope that they will impact not only their work at Bright Young Things, but in all aspects of life.

Carys Wright is a senior tutor at BYT High Wycombe

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