Tackling the day of the 11+ exam – you can do this! (part 2)

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Part 2: Irfan Allana, one of our Harrow tutors, shares some useful tips on how to tackle the 11+ exam day;

So, you’ve done all the preparation and now for the exam itself.

Main things to keep in mind on the day:

– No need to panic! You’ve done the preparation and you’re just going to do a paper, like the ones you’ve done before.

– Make sure you eat something, even if you’re not feeling very hungry.

– Try keeping your routine the same as ever, whether that be watching your favourite TV show in the morning or listening to music on the way to school.

– Before the exam, don’t let other people put you off. In my exam room, everyone around me seemed a lot more prepared than I was but only one other person in that room received an offer (and he told me that he had felt exactly the same way!).

– In between tests you’ll probably have an opportunity to talk to the other applicants and the exam will inevitably come up in conversation. If other people found it easier than you, that’s not an issue: we’re often the worst judge of how well we’ve done. 

– Lastly, try to enjoy yourself! You might be spending the next seven years of your life at the school so picture yourself there. The day’s as much about seeing whether the school’s a right fit for you as it is about the school assessing you.

Remember: you can do this!

If you are concerned about the 11+ exams and would like some advice, support and/or practice, please call or email our London Private Tuition Agency or one of our Centres – we are always happy to answer any questions you may have!