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St Albans

Join BYT to improve your child’s brain power!

Worryingly, a major study has found that children who spend over 2 hours a day on their phones or watching TV are at serious risk of damaging their brain power and function.The study, conducted in the USA, worked with over 4,500 children,and analy...

BYT St Albans Mural

We are thrilled to announce that our St Albans Centre has unveiled The Blue Footed Booby Mural in St Albans.Covering over half of the wall, the fun and friendly cartoon-like mural is decorated with three large and colourful flamingos amongst four ...

How BYT St Albans makes the 11+ process that little bit easier…

St Albans is well known for its incredible schools, yet tough entrance examinations, and here at Bright Young Things, we know all about that. Our specialised Year 4 and Year 5 11+ programmes allow students to first build the foundation knowledge t...



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