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Join BYT to improve your child’s brain power!

Worryingly, a major study has found that children who spend over 2 hours a day on their phones or watching TV are at serious risk of damaging their brain power and function.The study, conducted in the USA, worked with over 4,500 children,and analy...

BYT Tutor Training Day!

We are happy to announce that Bright Young Things has had its first Tutor Training day - what a success!Held at our High Wycombe Tuition Centre, we had tutors from our London agency as well as from our Centres attend the training.We specifically d...

11+ Interview Day (Part 3)

Part 3: Irfan, one of our Harrow tutors, shares some useful tips on how to tackle the 11+ interview day;Some schools might require you to come in for an interview after the exam. As a tutor, I’m often asked how students can best ‘prepare’ for inte...

Tackling the day of the 11+ exam - you can do this! (part 2)

Part 2: Irfan Allana, one of our Harrow tutors, shares some useful tips on how to tackle the 11+ exam day;So, you’ve done all the preparation and now for the exam itself.Main things to keep in mind on the day:- No need to panic! You’ve done the pr...

Tips on how to prepare for 11+ exams (part 1)

Part 1: Irfan Allana, one of our Harrow tutors, shares some useful tips he used when preparing for his 11+ exams;I can still remember my feelings of elation when I ripped open my letter and had received an offer to study at my first choice seconda...

BYT St Albans Mural

We are thrilled to announce that our St Albans Centre has unveiled The Blue Footed Booby Mural in St Albans.Covering over half of the wall, the fun and friendly cartoon-like mural is decorated with three large and colourful flamingos amongst four ...

BYT celebrates receiving the 2018 Top Companies For Graduates to Work For Award

We are delighted to announce that the results of this year’s The Job Crowd Awards have been released! After a nerve-racking wait, we are thrilled to report that Bright Young Things has been awarded the Top Company For Graduates to Work For for 201...

Bright Young Things High Wycombe Tuition Centre Opening

Bright Young Things High WycombeHere at Bright Young Things HQ all is a whirr of activity. In the midst of October half term the central office in Victoria is buzzing with tutors booking up fast and in our centres in Harrow and St Albans our in-ho...



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