Teaching Maths and English at BYT Harrow — A tutor’s experience.

BYT Harrow pencils at the ready — Maths and English

At 3:30pm when the first students start to arrive at BYT Harrow, I can’t help but smile. Each learner brings their unique personality to the centre and creates such a diverse and stimulating environment to work in. The place comes to life and my day really begins when the students get here.

I have been teaching English in schools and language academies and giving private one-to-one tuition to children and adolescents in Colombia, Spain, Vietnam, Argentina and at International Boarding School courses over the last 3 years. It has been a real delight to return home to north London and have the opportunity to tutor at BYT Harrow’s newly refurbished centre.

Each day is different and presents various challenges, whether I’m supporting students through comprehension tasks and tricky bits of grammar, helping them get to grips with new spellings or to plan a piece of creative writing. It has been great to find that the students’ motivation is sparked by the imaginative and unique BYT materials, which provide a fantastic opportunity for fun and learning to become intertwined.

Gemma teaching English at an International School abroad.

Gemma teaching English at an International School abroad.

While English is my key subject, it has also been a real pleasure getting back to Maths again. Problem solving is incredibly satisfying and invites such creativity. There is always more than one way to go about tackling a task, so inviting students to open their eyes, and draw on tools and techniques that they have already learnt, while also teaching new skills, plays a key part in the tutoring process for both Maths and English. It is this capacity for inquisitiveness, building confidence and growth mind sets, which is at the heart of my tutoring strategy.

I look forward to sharing many more smiles at BYT Harrow this summer!

Gemma Grass-Orkin is a senior tutor at BYT Harrow

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