The EU and Education

At the moment it may seem entirely impossible to avoid the words EU and Brexit for any longer than a water break. However, with one of the biggest votes in the country’s history looming, Bright Young Things have shortlisted some of the ways the vote will affect the education of our children.

Vote Remain

Leaving the EU could have a massive impact especially for those students hoping to carry on to a higher education establishment in future. ‘In’ campaigners have suggested that a Brexit vote could restrict the number or researchers and students coming in to the UK as well as limit those attending British universities. This could devalue the strength of UK higher education establishments which are amongst the top in the world. You can see the vital help we offer students preparing for higher education at BYT here.

Additionally, statistics also show that more than 125,000 EU students attend British universities, generating over £2.2bn for the economy and creating 19,000 jobs. A large amount of research funding is also generated from the EU with Brussels worth £1bn a year.

Although movement of individuals between the UK and other EU universities will not be entirely prohibited, the process will be much more complicated with less support from programmes such as Erasmus (EU student exchange programme). Studying abroad increases the potential of UK learners, with 50% of students being more likely to suffer long-term unemployment if they did not study abroad. You can read a little more about BYT’s international reach here.

Vote Leave

However, as ever, it is imperative to look at the affects from all angles. With the number of EU students destined to fall with a leave vote, an increase in international fees is likely to apply to those wanting to study in the UK. This could effectively help to create extra funding for universities that could be spent on scholarships for the brightest students or those from poorer backgrounds.

Leaving the EU might also encourage higher education establishments to build alliances with other global research partners. This could create new, better opportunities and fresh ideas. The money in which the UK currently contributes to the EU could instead be spent directly on research prospects.

Whatever the outcome, Bright Young Things is here to help encourage and support our next generation achieve their full potential!