The Real Mechanics of After School Tuition — Part 1: Progress Charts

BYT High Wycombe abuzz with activity

In after school hours, our centres are a hum of activity as students come and go for their Maths & English tuition. In the hours before students arrive, however, the tutors are diligently marking work and completing the all important ‘Progress Charts’.

At BYT, we believe our marking and feedback methods are of great benefit to our students. Here’s why:

By trawling through student’s physical workbooks, making comments and correcting the answers, tutors develop an intimate understanding of each student’s academic strengths and weaknesses (in stark contrast to other tuition centres where students work is marked by a computer). The better a tutor knows a student, the better the tutoring, the more benefit to the student.

The progress charts are divided into sub-topics, showing individual marks an tutor comment; they correspond with the booklets and allow centre directors and tutors to review students’ work on a detailed level. This means that all the key players in a student’s development have access to a detailed body of information. Progress charts allow tutors and centre directors to review each student’s progress and personalise the tutoring accordingly.

The progress charts allow parents to assess progress on a topic by topic basis. This provides them with a high-quality stream of information regarding their child’s education. Parent’s can relay the information gleaned from the progress charts to teachers who, in turn, can use to help improve students’ school learning.

This goes to the heart of what Bright Young Things is: an important element of a holistic education, acting as compliment to school work.

  • Progress charts allow parents to pinpoint how their children are doing in individual topics, which they can also relay to teachers at school. In short, BYT complements school and is part of a holistic education.

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