Thinking about applying to Oxbridge?

Applying to Oxford and Cambridge at Undergraduate level can be nerve wrecking and stressful. Therefore, starting early will help ease the process, and ensure that you have plenty of time to plan, write and modify the required documents, including personal statements.

The summer holidays are a great time for students to start getting some preliminary readings done, and to start thinking ahead to what they would like to include within their personal statements. Don’t forget, Oxbridge deadlines are on the 15th of October, before most other universities! While this may seem far in the future, it is only 4 months away!

However, before doing preliminary readings and drafting the personal statement, it is important for students to look at the courses available, and all the possible variations and pairings, in order to decide which would suit them best. Within this, students will also have to decide whether they wish to apply to Oxford or Cambridge, as rules only allow for students to apply to one of these universities for Undergraduate admissions. 

At BYT, we not only support students with their Oxbridge applications, but we also offer exclusive consultation services to help students who are at the beginning stages of their applications, and who are confused about all the options available to them.

These consultation services include exploring the courses available, what these courses entail, which University best matches what you are looking for, college selection, and any tasks or experiences that should be completed ahead of starting the application process.

Our experienced Oxbridge specialist tutors will also be able to discuss their own experience of the application process, college attended and course studied, including module availabilities.

In this way, students have a clear overview of what lies ahead for them, as well as starting the application process feeling confident about the university, college and course selection.

If your child is considering applying to Oxbridge this coming academic year, then call us on 020 7723 0506 to receive some initial guidance on the next steps and on how BYT can support you throughout this process.