Top Comprehensive, Grammar and Independent Schools in Maidenhead

As we prepare to launch our BYT Maidenhead Tuition Centre, we take a look at the state of Education in Maidenhead, Slough and Berskhire areas.

The Royal Borough of Windsor and MaidenheadThe Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

The Grammar School Question in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

The post 2017 election brought news to the Grammar school question. The Conservatives have dropped the growth of grammar schools from their manifesto.

As we open our next [Bright Young Things Tuition Centre in Maidenhead]( we look at how the surrounding area received the news.

Cllr Simon Dudley leader of the Maidenhead Council previously acknowledged the popularity of the Grammar schools in the area and announced that, when it came to the question of education, he wanted to offer:

‘the best choice available to the residents of the Royal Borough of Maidenhead which included the growth of Grammar Schools’.

However, the threat of re introduction of the 11 plus and grammar schools in the Royal Borough was strongly opposed by the two head teachers of the comprehensive schools in Windsor. Gavin Henderson of [The Windsor Boys’ School]( Gill Labrum from [Windsor Girls School.](

Further, Canon Doctor Jeremy Hurst, the former head of Desborough College was fiercely against the grammar school growth.

‘it would have been a highly unpopular policy and I would have been surprised if it stuck’.

Needless to say, the two best performing schools in the Borough are the grammar schools. However, one argument against grammar schools and their perceived success is the fact they have an entrance exam that simply means they pick the most able pupils at aged 11 and thus likely guarantee higher success with inherently more able pupils in the future.

Maidenhead | Top Performing Schools — Secondary

We’ve ranked the following secondary schools according to the percentage of pupils getting grades A-C in five GCSE — or equivalent qualifications — including maths and English.*


We’ve ranked the following primary schools according to the percentage of Year 6 pupils attaining the expected level, Level 4, in English and maths.

  1. Lowbrook Academy — 100%

  2. Oldfield Primary School— 100%

  3. Bisham CofE Primary School— 100%

  4. Holy Trinity CofE Primary School, Cookham — 97%

  5. Wraysbury Primary School— 97%


We’ve ranked the following secondary schools according to the percentage of pupils getting grades A-C in five GCSE (IGCSE, IB or any equivalent qualifications) including maths and English*

  1. Eton College—100%

  2. St George’s School—100%

  3. St Mary’s School Ascot — 100%

  4. Maris Senior School — 96%

  5. Claire’s Court Schools —77%


  1. Newlands Girls’ School— 75%

  2. Charters School— 74%

  3. The Windsor Girls’ School— 72%

  4. Furze Platt Senior School — 66%

  5. The Windsor Boys’ School — 66%

(data from BBC Education & Family)

We’ll be doing an in-depth look at a number of schools in the Maidenhead area in the run up to our centre opening so watch this space.

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