Top Educational Apps Keeping Kids Smart

Here at Bright Young Things through our own use, research, and feedback with parents we have generated a list of the top educational apps which engage young learners’ brains whilst still having fun!

The development of interactive digital devices alongside the arrival of apps has transformed the education industry. Now learning is more accessible and interesting than ever for students of all ages. Each generation are getting smarter and smarter, the development of these apps helps to innovate learning to aid this process by introducing different and forward-thinking methods of learning. This Blog lists five of the best apps out there which we think are great.


Fully equipped with fun activities and great interactive art, the series of DragonBox apps develops the fundamental and underlying importance of numbers by bringing maths to life. “DragonBox Numbers will teach your child what numbers are, how they work, and what you can do with them’ – App Store. Aimed at ages 4+ DragonBox has 5 apps which work from the basic understanding of Maths to engaging algebra into games for personal achievement and fun.

3.5 Stars – App Store

Quick Maths

Another interactive maths development app which works in measuring progress over time. With varying levels of difficulty and the ability of what subjects to choose from Quick Maths delivers a more simplistic approach to tackling math problems. Answers must be drawn on the screen which increases student’s familiarity with the numbers.

“Quick Maths is perfect for students to improve their all round mathematics ability” – Apps in Education.

4.0 Stars – App Store

Spelling Stage

A unique and personalised means of testing spelling. Mimicking a spelling bee on stage, the app lets you create and customise your own avatar even with the ability to upload your own face. Your avatar then attends an on-stage spelling bee where spelling out the correct words with a selection of given letters reaps rewards and sets new scores.

“Spelling Stage is an engaging app that makes spelling practise as much fun as it can be” –

3.0 Stars – App Store

My Molecularium

Maybe the most exciting app on the list, My Molecularium is a fantastic mix of an old school bubble breaker like game, with the building of your own molecules to develop an understanding of the makeup of chemical elements. With game skill required as well as the ingraining of chemical knowledge, My Molecularium really encapsulates the future of learning and memorising key knowledge which is consistently found in school curriculums and upwards.

“A fun-filled action game that teaches you about atoms and molecules while you play.” – App Store

5.0 Stars – App Store

Squeebles Times Tables

An extremely kid friendly app which works expertly on developing times table multiplication. With step-by-step training, six game modes and varying difficulties. By learning their times tables your children will be able to save Squeebles by defeating the Maths Monster.

“If you’re sick of repeating them over and over, then get these lovable characters on hand to help motivate your child to learn their tables. There’s nothing boring and rote here.” –

4.6 Stars – App Store

We recommend you try out these apps for yourself and discover some more of your own. Apps provide an interactive audio-kinetic and sometimes even oral learning experience, much of which can be left out in the classroom. Keeping your children smart is something we pride ourselves in doing, and we recommend using apps like the ones above to consistently engage your children in academics, especially over the summer period! If you have any amazing apps you would like to share with us, please get in touch at [email protected] or find us on all social media platforms and LinkedIn – BYTtuition.