Tuition: Unlimited Benefits

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Did you know that 1 in 3 students receive private tuition in London? 

In London, on average around one in three school children are receiving tuition, in addition to their full-time education at school, and this is on the rise all over the UK. Tuition has multiple benefits, for parents, teachers and students alike, and not just academically. 

Receiving tuition can ensure that your child consolidates what is covered throughout the academic year, further enabling timescales for progress are met. The tutor can help support pupils to meet key milestones in the curriculum, as well as preparing for more specific tests such as SATs, 11+ and standardised testing. The attention and support they receive is more individualised, which allows the student and pupil to form a closer bond than those found in a regular classroom,this allows for unique learning styles to be supported and nourished, thus helping to improve students’ academic performance 

Parents typically have very little knowledge of the day to day running in school. Tuition is the polar opposite. Parents can be more involved; often getting more regular feedback than they do from school teachers, as well as offering input into what their child is taught, and how they can aid progression out of lesson time. Due to the increase of contact between tutors and parents, tutors are also more able to support parents, from advising on entrance to the 11+ exam, applying for schools, and the best approaches for supporting their children based on their individual working style.

Pupils can also benefit from improved attitude, with a more positive outlook on learning. Tuition encourages self-paced and self-directed learning. As they do not have to work at a prescribed pace, like in the school environment, those who engage with tuition often see a rise in self-esteem and confidence, as well as better work and study habits. They often become more independent in their learning style, take on more responsibility and they have a greater ability to self-manage. Those who engage in class tuition are also able to further develop their social skills and confidence. 

Tuition is ultimately a method to increase overall academic attainment. However, there are unlimited benefits in addition to this. Parents are able to be more aware and involved in their child’s development, which in turn allows them to be more supportive within the home environment. Students also develop interpersonal skills, as well as managing themselves and gaining independence. 

Written by Eleanor, Our Chesham Centre Director