Tutors of the month revealed…

tutors of the month...

We are excited to announce our tutors of the month for June!

🎉 Agency: Emma – she has consistently received wonderful feedback from all her students, with a family recently commenting that; “Emma comes well prepared to every session. Although she has not been tutoring Lara for a long period of time, she is already making noticeable improvements. She is very professional and always punctual”.

🎉 Harrow: Methusaa – her patience and dedication to helping students achieve their potential has inspired everyone around her. Loved by parents and students alike, she is an asset to our Harrow Centre!

🎉 Maidenhead: Alice – her work with Year 6 students has been fantastic. In particular, one of her strengths is in assessing each student’s performance in lessons and developing a strong and efficient action plan to address areas of weakness.

🎉 High Wycombe: Niamh – this month, she has received wonderful feedback from all of her students. Additionally, her bubbly and enthusiastic personality has had a very positive and motivating impact on all those around her.

Why is it important to have tutors of the month?

At BYT, we work hard to create a positive and encouraging environment for tutors. Extensive research has been conducted on the importance of using positive reinforcement, such as reward schemes like tutors of the month, to stimulate and motivate individuals to perform to the best of their abilities.

The first pioneer of this was B. F. Skinner, who argued that praising an individual for a good action will encourage them to repeat this shortly after. This occurs because the individual associates a rewarding consequence to the action, and is therefore keen to reproduce this good feeling.

In particular, Skinner’s theory indicates that spontaneous praise is the most effective and has the highest success rate of the individual repeating this action.

This is why at BYT we employ positive encouragement in order to ensure that our tutors enjoy working with us, teach to the very best of their abilities, and that they are constantly developing and improving.

Alongside our tutor of the month scheme, all of our Centre Directors offer regular feedback to each tutor, designed specifically to identify their strengths and main areas of development. However, it is not only the big things that we notice; our staff is always on standby to praise tutors even for small gestures. At BYT, no small thing goes unnoticed! 

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