What Makes a Great Tutoring CV

What makes a great Tutoring CV?

By delivering a clear, concise and focussed tutoring CV you chances of getting a call in for interview are exponentially higher than from someone who has not thought out how to create a suitable tutoring CV.

Here are some tips:

A professional tutoring CV should be no more than two pages long. Ideally as close to one page as possible.

If you print and send them through the post use white clean paper.

What should be on the CV:

Name Contact


Date of birth



Most relevant first. E.g. Teaching / tutoring qualifications. — Outline which area you are qualified in. E.g. Primary or secondary. Add which college or university awarded the qualification.

Undergraduate degree

A levels or equivalent.


Most recent experience first then add chronologically.

Describe the ethos of your placement or school. Especially if you are tutoring, add what the pupils were looking for when being tutored. Strengths— Clearly explain what you like and what you are good at. This adds colour and understanding to the reader.

Responsibilities — Have you held any responsibility in either the tutoring or teaching industry, or in any other. Interests and Extra curricula activities — add those that support your application. Rather than anything random. Referees— Who would be willing to vouch for your CV. Who would be willing to back up what you say you are. E.g. Parents whose children you have tutored and are willing to speak about your excellence. Any open testimonials.

Supporting statement In addition to your CV, you may wish to add more about your tutoring experience. This would be to add colour, details and perhaps expand on any challenges you overcame to achieve your goal.

The skill here is to keep it pithy and to the point. The danger is over writing and over adding. Making more of a ramble than to the point statement.

Do be specific about how you overcame a difficult situation.

Describe any lateral thinking you used to achieve the goals.

Give some examples about tutor lesson preparation and presentation.

Describe the ability to prepare suitable learning objectives for the tutees

How you catered for the different abilities

What goals did you set and why

How did you evaluate and assess your success?

Although there are small pupil numbers in class when you are tutoring do feel you can add if there behaviour management challenges and how you overcame them.