Who are we?

byt founders malachy guinness and woody webster

Where did you hear about Bright Young Things – was it through a friend? Online research? Social media?

You might not be able to remember. Here we discuss how Bright Young Things came to be…

Our story begins with two young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, Malachy Guinness and Woody Webster. Meeting at Oxford, the two young co-founders were quickly brought together by their shared views on education. Completely different, but perfectly complementary, Malachy’s mathematical mind and Woody’s unbridled energy took a leap into the unknown, and together they decided to embark on a new business venture in a niche and unexplored sector.

In 2008, shortly after Malachy graduated from Oxford, the London Private Tuition Agency was officially founded. With this, BYT’s journey began.

Malachy and Woody’s first step was to travel to Oxford to interview and recruit some top tutors. Since this was their first experience, they did not know what to expect. To their surprise, word had spread around the colleges and, when they arrived, they were astounded to find a very long queue of keen graduates waiting for interview.

After assessing all the tutors, and developing a secret system to rank which of the applicants were Bright Young Things, they started promoting their new business. Through word of mouth, tutor recruitment in key locations, and positive feedback from the families we worked with, the company’s strong academic reputation soon began to grow.

Within a few years, the Agency was thriving, to the point of having almost too much paperwork to stay on top of. It was at this moment that another brilliant idea came to Malachy and Woody: to develop a clear and efficient online admin platform that would support tuition companies, clients and tutors alike. After many hours of discussion and deliberation, Tutorcruncher was created. Just as with the London Agency, Malachy and Woody’s entrepreneurship skills proved on point, with Tutorcruncher quickly snowballing and becoming a prosperous company used by hundreds of other tuition agencies.

With the administrative side of things resolved, the duo began to expand the company, bringing education to the high street with the tuition centres. Malachy and Woody designed the centres with the aim of conducting group lessons. Offering tuition for students from Key Stage One all the way through to GCSE level, students are taught in friendly environments, thus ensuring that they are academically challenged and receive the individual attention they may not be given in school. After the success of our St Albans branch BYT grew even further, and we opened centres in Greater LondonBucks, and Berks

Our founders “believe that parents want to invest in their children’s education. It has been our mission to bring high quality and affordable tuition to homes and high streets across the UK”.

Ten years on and BYT’s ethos still stands headstrong. Constantly hard at work, we strive to offer top support to all our students, whatever their requirements and aims, in order to help build their confidence and reach their full academic potential.

If you think that your child is not being supported in school, or is not being pushed enough, contact us on 020 7723 0506. Alternatively, please email info@brightyoungthings.co.uk and a member of our team will respond to your enquiry as quickly as possible.