Why a tailored approach to learning is so important at Bright Young Things

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At Bright Young Things an individualised approach to teaching is at the heart of what we do. We understand that a ‘one shoe fits all’ approach to learning does not enable the individual to thrive, as each child’s learning style is unique. We strive to teach in a way that will connect the most with your child, ensuring both enjoyment and academic progress.

Here we speak with Natalie, our centre director at High Wycombe, who discusses her experiences with the importance of tailored education.

‘This tailored approach to learning is something that has been particularly ingrained in me throughout my life. The importance of teaching with the individual’s needs in mind was first highlighted to me during my Chemistry GCSE. I was particularly struggling and was getting possibly the worst grades in the class. It was very frustrating as in all my other subjects I seemed to be doing well but I simply couldn’t get my head around Chemistry.

My parents thought it would be a good idea for me to seek external tutoring help. By having a tutor she was able to teach me in a much more visual and hands on way, something that really resonated with me and wasn’t offered in the classroom environment. I went from really struggling, to achieving an A* at GCSE and went on to do it at A-level. To me this really highlighted how much of a difference an individualised approach to learning can make and is the ultimate way to ensure your child is reaching their full potential.’

We have no doubt that your child has the capability to succeed if given the right resources. To book your free assessment at one of our centres or to find the right private tutor for you or your child, no matter their level get in touch with our educational consultancy team at info@brightyoungthings.co.uk or call 020777230506.