Why revising in groups can be the best way to achieve academic success

Here a Bright Young Things we know full the power of discussion as a medium for learning. Such, we have designed our centres and our revision courses around this principle.

To openly discuss subject ideas and principles, be contrary in thinking, to be actively listening to others, arguing, debating and _engaging _is highly effective mental exercise.

The sheer effort required to do this if on ones own to a full extent can often pose a challenge. Groups stimulate and push arguments and ideas. Making the principles and details more alive, memorable and understandable.

We see this in every day moments. Few people remember moments which are similar to the last. Whether it be a thought process or even a different colour. Using contrary arguments in debates helps with the development of the full scale of the challenge. Further, vocabulary that demonstrates a fuller understanding enhances examiners opportunity to see a pupils full extent of understanding can be learnt in debate . 

If you look at how horses run faster when they are running together, it is not too dissimilar to how humans can push each other in their understanding.

Essentially, learning is rarely not a team effort. The more our minds have the opportunity to learn along with a team the greater the learning.

We are excited to be adding our revision courses to our centres. Starting at first with what each centre can organise, we will build out a more structured program in the coming year.