Why study A level maths?

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Achieving your GCSE Maths is essential for your future. Almost all universities and employers require you to have your Maths and English GCSE  at at least a grade C+ / 4+. However, once you have achieved this and the choice is yours – why take it a step further and study A level maths?

You could describe Maths as quite like marmite. Either you love it or you hate it. At Bright Young Things, we love it!

So, why study A level maths?

We use it every day

One of the questions students often ask at school is – but when will I use this in my real life? The practical application of mathematics is plain to see in every day life. From checking and paying your water bill to simply dividing a birthday cake into 4 equal parts – we use maths skills constantly. Understanding percentages, times tables, addition and subtraction, just to name a few, make your life so much more manageable.

It’s an entry requirement for certain degrees/careers

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Certain Undergraduate degrees give Maths A Level as an entry requirement. Every University has its own entry requirements so it’s important to check the entry requirements at each place you wish to apply to. However, you can expect the following courses to require or at least recommend you have it:

  • Economics
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • and of course, Mathematics itself

It makes you more employable

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But why study maths A Level if I don’t need it for the degree I hope to study? Even if your prospective Undergraduate degree does not require you to have an A level in Maths, future employers will be impressed you have it. Employees who have exceptional skills in mathematics are invaluable to any company.

You will gain new skills

By studying maths A Level you’ll gain and work on skills such as problem solving, logic and statistics. These are all transferable skills that will be useful in all aspects of your personal and professional life moving forward. Your research skills with maths A Level as you are set more independent tasks to complete.

It’s a great challenge

GCSE and A level exam taking for outside candidates

The step from GCSE to A level might be a big one, but, it’s a great challenge. You’ll get the change to be more of an independent learner at A level. You are introduced to more ideas and are able to build on what you learnt at GCSE. If this isn’t enough of a challenge for you then A level Further Maths is also an option!

Convinced? Us too! If you are still unsure then why not get in touch with us to chat through your options and see how we can help you achieve your goals.