BYT International

BYT International provide the best private tutors and educational support to families across the world. Our uniquely personalised approach allows us to bring out the best in all of our students and our collective knowledge of and network with UK schools enables us to advise you on the best route for your child.


BYT International is a product of Bright Young Things. As one of UK’s top tutoring agencies, we also provide tuition and educational services to clients further afield.


We understand the values of British education and the challenges faced by clients who are relocating to the UK or students looking to gain entry to UK schools. Our uniquely personalised approach allows us to bring out the best in all of our students and our collective knowledge of and network with UK private schools enables us to advise families on the best school for their child and make all the necessary introductions.


We offer a comprehensive school placement service, providing advice on all major UK schools and helping ensure that you make the right choice for your child.

Our tutors and consultants are familiar with all of the UK’s main prep and public schools and their invaluable advice will ensure that you are in a position to make the right decision for your child.

We carry out a formal assessment of your child and then begin an official consultation process; our specialists at BYT can draw up detailed recommendations depending on your child’s requirements. Once a short-list of schools has been decided on we will help with every step of the application process including the applications, letters of recommendation, school visits and preparation for the entrance exams.

Our tutors have years of experience of successfully preparing students for school entrance exams, with access to comprehensive resources such as past and practice papers, model answers and mark schemes. We are also able to provide interview practice to ensure that each student feels fully prepared and confident from the outset of the admissions process.

We have a solid knowledge of the British education system and are happy to provide advice on anything from the different curricula and examination boards to home-schooling and the wide range of schooling options throughout the UK.

Our team of private tutors, educational consultants and education psychologists can offer individually tailored advice on any aspect of your child’s education.

Our tutors are motivated well rounded individuals who inspire their students to be self-motivated in their approach to learning. We offer a solid British education and want to foster an inquisitive mind to help our students go beyond their textbook and apply their understanding to the outside world. BYT’s main emphasis is on academic tuition and this take place where we believe the child feels most comfortable, at the child’s home or in one of our tuition centres. Our tutors can travel to clients anywhere in the world, offering not only academic but also personal guidance. We know how important it is that the tutor and child have a good rapport so our selection process is more than thorough. A good tutor does not only have an in-depth knowledge about their teaching subject but is able to convey this knowledge with a passion. We consider personalities as well as a child’s learning needs and goals, their interests and hobbies as well as academic requirements when matching a student with a tutor. We are pleased to say that very often tutors build strong relationships with the pupils in a way that has a positive impact beyond the bounds of the classroom.

We are aware that cultural integration is just as important as academic preparation for international students hoping to come and stay at school or university in the UK. Our tutors are happy to give their students an insight into some of the intriguing but often peculiar traditions of British life, arranging varied agendas which can cover anything from traditionally British sports to encouraging lively debate around the dining room table, discussing anything from History of Art to Arsenal football team. All of our tutors at BYT International ensure that their students are able to gain a greater understanding of British life, both past and present.

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