GCSE and A Level English Literature


English at home

Within London, we boast an excellent portfolio of specialist English tutors (English Literature, English Language and English skills). Students of all ages are regularly confronted with challenges in the English syllabus including:

  • Basic skills - spelling, handwriting, patterns

  • Read easily and with good understanding

  • Articulate ideas through speech and discussion

  • Spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation

  • Work towards exams - key skills and set texts

Alongside all of the major exam boards (where necessary), our tutors help students to read easily, fluently and with pleasure - we believe this will help even the most English-adverse students to acquire a wide vocabulary, a good understanding of grammar, write clearly and coherently and enjoy the rich and varied literary heritages of different cultures.

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English in our centres

BYT English tuition is designed to fully equip students with essential fluent reading and writing at primary and secondary level by instilling the fundamentals of handwriting, grammar, spelling and comprehension. Our passionate and experienced English tutors are able to pass on a love of reading and creative writing to even the most hesitant students.

Our English teaching is designed to guide students through a spectrum of topics covering and building on the fundamentals of the national curriculum. We have spent years carefully developing pen and paper materials that help children develop essential literacy skills through comprehension, grammar, and writing practice.

Our English tutors work with our English course materials to build on vital reading, comprehension, handwriting, grammar and punctuation skills for students in Key Stages 1 - 4. We pride ourselves on the ability of our tutors to individualise their teaching so that they are able to challenge the most able students while providing targeted support to students who are less confident. Whatever level your child may be at, we promise to guide them to the next level through encouragement and support, and allow them to be the best they can.

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