GCSE and A Level English Literature

GCSE English Literature & Language

GCSE English Literature and Language Revision

The A level English Literature Revision Course:

The English literature A level revision course is a wide ranging and deeply skilled A level. Asking hard questions and lateral thinking is needed from the pupils. With amble opportunity for pupils to go wrong in the exam our revision course are an excellent way of making sure that the texts are tackled in the right way along with high quality answers.

Typical topics along with text which is decided before the course starts include:

  • Tackling unseen poetry
  • Shakespeare and the suitable ways to tackle the questions. With easy marks found with good answers.
  • Questions disseminated to work out what exactly the examiner is asking of the text.
  • Understanding structured essays
  • Critiquing of the writers craft.

The BYT tutors will use debating and discussion along with past papers to tackle the hard parts of the English A level course. Pupils will be able to reach the higher marks with the in depth analytical skills that the BYT tutors teach. Giving the greatest chance for the pupils to get the highest mark.

The GCSE English Literature Revision Course:

English literature GCSE revision course covers the fundamentals of the subject. With BYT tutors taking the pupils through relevant texts. Using discussion and debate to tackle the hard parts of the common literature problems the exam sets. With ample note taking and notes being given along with exam technique being taught pupils will be full of confidence in tackling the exam. x

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