2017 Events at Bright Young Things

A Level Economics Workshops

The BYT Economics A Level Revision workshop format is designed to:

  1. Hone key skills and techniques for all three A level papers
  2. Have all the critical thinking tricks up your sleeve ready to be deployed at the right moment
  3. Notes and session activities with any exam board's specific differences in the Economics A Level workshop booklet

The BYT Workshop combines:

  1. A focused four hours of tuition presented by our world class economics tutors.
  2. Notes, slides and cards and all further content are wrapped up in a handy revision pack
  3. Top exam techniques

Key outcomes

The workshop is designed to go through in a similar format to the course. And such:

Session One: Market Structures

  1. Short answer and Multiple choice principles on the Theory of the firm.
  2. Nailing quantitative skills and making sure when you can deploy them.
  3. Real world examples to use for the high level marks.
  4. Theory of the firm exam boaster!

Session Two: Labour Markets

  1. What not to say! How to get easy points using the right quantitative analysis.
  2. Getting fluent and deploying the Micro and Macros analysis tools. Which can be deployed across the exams, especially for the Labour Market.
  3. Ample examples to beef up your answers and demonstrate your knowledge by going beyond the question.

Session Three: Financial Markets

  1. When things go right in an economy The financial markets are at the heart of it. So too when an economy goes into meltdown.
  2. Be totally fluent in what makes the market ticks. Why is the financial market so important.
  3. Vocabulary that demonstrates a thorough understanding and readied for multiple choice surprises.
  4. Using Economics as a tool is similar to a lense to which one can view different countries. Consider these lenses and see how different crisises are seen in different countries.

Session Four: The Global Economy

  1. Making sure students are fluent in the difference and understanding of the global economy. Whether it be balance of payments, deficits and national debt, along with Exchange rats and historical trading patterns.
  2. Skills in analysing performance of different economies and supporting the conclusions you draw for maximum scores.

Session 5: Bringing it all together!

  1. Unlocking the key to the nature of Paper 3
  2. Knowing the style, manner and depth the examiners are looking for to gain the highest mark in these open answered questions.

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