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11+ Medway Test Details

In order to sit the test you must apply to the Medway Admissions Team using the forms provided in the Annual Admission to Secondary School Booklet. These are issued through your child’s Primary School.

The tests your child will sit are:

Maths (50 mins) – multiple choice

Verbal Reasoning (50 mins) – multiple choice

English (40 mins + 10 mins planning) – creative writing

The Multiple Choice Tests are computer marked whilst the creative writing is hand marked. The scores are standardised, according to age, so the youngest are not at a disadvantage.

The pass mark varies from year to year and is determined by the scores the children achieve. The top 23% of children are selected for grammar schools.

Results are posted around two weeks after the test date. When the results are known the Secondary Schools hold Open Sessions to help you choose your school.

Some Grammar Schools will set their own “pass” mark above the Medway mark. These schools are normally over subscribed so please take the time to read the entry criteria of all the schools in which you are interested from the admissions booklet.


Chatham Grammar School for Boys

Chatham Grammar School for Girls

Fort Pitt Grammar School

Rainham Mark Grammar School

Rochester Grammar School for Girls

Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School

The Howard School (Grammar Stream)


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