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11+ Test Details

The 11+ exam is an entrance exam set by many independent, state-selective and grammar schools in the UK. It is a chance for the schools to measure a prospective student’s academic level and potential.

The 11+ exam covers English, Maths and Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning. The test format and style will vary depending on school and/or area and the pass mark is usually set by the school.

At BYT we focus on exam technique, timing and application as key factors to ensuring students have the best chance to succeed at 11 Plus.

We provide structured exam training using a range of our own materials and external practice papers to give students the best support in their preparation.


We help children prepare for top London schools such as St Paul’s, Eton, Harrow, Frances Holland, Haberdasher’s Aske’s Boys and Girls, North London Collegiate School, Westminster and many others.

Our tuition centres specialise in preparing students for local exam outside London, such as the Kent and Medway tests or the South West Herts Consortium exam.


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