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Common Entrance at 13+

Many students in the U.K. sit the Common Entrance at 13+ when they are in Year 8. It is a chance for the schools to measure a prospective student’s academic level and potential. It is usually taken by boys who are applying for entry to year 9

The 13 plus exam usually covers English, Maths and Science as compulsory subjects as well as optional subjects such as Classics, French, Geography or History. The test can be set by the schools themselves or by an independent examinations body such as the ISEB.

The BYT Approach

We understand the importance of 13+ scholarships and the levels of competition surrounding them hence we’re expertly versed in the all of the detail of the 13+ academic scholarship and the ISEB Common Entrance.

The 13+: Our Record

Our 13+ Tutors have successfully prepared their students for entry to Westminster, Harrow, St Pauls, Winchester, Downe House, Eton, Cheltenham Ladies College and other top U.K. day schools.

All of our tutors are experts in their field and as well as thorough preparation for the 13+ core subjects: Maths, Science and English, we offer expert tuition in further 13+ subjects; from Ancient Greek & Latin to Geography and Religious Studies.

We also have professional communication tutors specialising in interview practice on hand to ensure all bases are covered.

Locations & Contact

For 13+ preparation via private tuition in London and further afield, don’t hesitate to give us a ring on the number below.

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We help children prepare for top London schools such as St Paul’s, Eton, Harrow, Haberdasher’s Aske’s Boys, Westminster and many others.

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