South West Herts Consortium Test

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In order to sit the exam you must register through the link on the consortium website or via the link on any of the consortium schools’ website. Please note that this is only a registration to take the exam.

At this stage you are not required to select the schools you wish your child to be considered for, as the idea is to know the outcome of the test prior to submitting your application.

The Academic Test:

Mathematics: based on the Key Stage 2 curriculum. The paper is in ‘standard’ and not ‘multiple choice’ format (50 minutes).

Verbal Reasoning: 100 questions including 15 practice questions in ‘standard’ format (60 minutes).

The test scores are aged-standardised based on the student’s age in completed months. There is no pass mark for the test, places are offered in accordance with each school’s arrangement. Historical data can be found on each school’s webpage which outlines the highest and lowest score which gained entry into the school in the last three years. Once the scores have been given, you can decide which schools to apply to.

The Music Test:

60 questions on Pitch, Melody, Rhythm and Texture

Pitch: The student must listen to two sounds and judge whether the second sound is of a higher, lower or same pitch as the first (20 questions)

Melody: Candidates will be played two separate five note tunes. They will have to decided whether the tunes are the same and identify any changes that have been made (10 questions)

Rhythm: Requires listening to two patterns of notes. Candidates must indicate whether the patterns are the same and identify any changes that have been made (10 questions)

Texture: The candidates will be played a chord. They will then be asked to identify whether the chord has 2, 3 or 4 notes (20 questions)

Schools covered by the South West Herts Consortium Test

Bushey Meads


St Clemens Danes

Parmiter’s School

Queens’ School

Watford Grammar School for Boys

Watford Grammar School for Girls


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