Geography revision courses for GCSE and A-level students

Geography A Level and GCSE Revision Course

A level Revision Courses will cover:

The BYT Geography A Level courses will cover all the board variations. We focus on the topics below. Using past papers and discussion as our core techniques of revision.

We have found pupils in Geography learn a lot better when they are around others tackling the same challenge using debate and discussion to learn, especially in a quasi science and arts subject such as Geography.

  • Water and carbon cycles
  • Hot desert systems and landscapes
  • Coastal systems and landscapes
  • Glacial systems and landscapes
  • Plate tectonics, volcanic and seismic hazards
  • Ecosystems under stress
  • Human Geography

  • Global systems and global governance
  • Places (including changing places, attachment, social inequalities, regeneration)
  • Contemporary urban environments (including urbanisation, environmental impact, sustainable development)
  • Population and the environment
  • Resource security (including water, energy and mineral security)

All of our revision has a highly qualified Geography tutor who is up to date with all the latest exam board changes. Especially focusing on the typical parts that pupils get wrong including the art of good exam technique. Some of our tutors are even examiners.

GCSE Geography Revision Course will cover:

Our world class tutors will take you through the GCSE Geography syllabus making sure all the key concepts and geographical skills are well understood and learnt.

Like in our A level revision courses discussion and past papers form the back bone of our revision.

Topics will include:

  • Natural hazards (tectonic plates, weather, climate change)
  • Distinct ecosystems (rainforests, deserts, cold environments)
  • Distinct landscapes (coasts, rivers, glacial landscapes)
  • Human Environment

  • Population growth
  • Economic development
  • Resource management
  • Key Geographical Skills

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