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Staff of Bright Young Things

Our Values

At Bright Young Things we believe that every child should love their education pathway. We want to develop students into enthusiastic, confident learners. We understand that every child has a unique way of learning and we take pride in our tailored and individualised approach to education.

Core values

  • We pride ourselves on delivering the highest possible service to our families. For this reason all of our tutors and staff members undergo a rigorous selection process, and we also invest in their development.
  • We believe in an individualised, tailored education experience for all our students. For us, the students’ educational journey is the most important thing.
  • We work with our families to go beyond their expectations and respond effectively to any feedback we receive.
  • We invest time in making sure the student is matched with a tutor that suits their individual requirements.
  • We understand that emotions and feelings are key to successful learning and our tutors fully support all students to make sure they are happy, confident learners.
  • We believe every student has the right to access an engaging, positive environment.
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