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Private Tuition and Tutors in London

At Bright Young Things we aim to offer academic support whatever your circumstance

Hourly Tuition

Our tutors perpetually high standard of hourly tuition is tailored to meet your needs. Our tutors come with exceptional references and a breadth of academic experience.

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International Tutors

We pride ourselves on providing bespoke private tuition to clients around the world and we help international students gain entry into top British schools and universities.

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Residential Tuition

Our tutors work closely with students and parents to build a home schooling programme uniquely applicable to their circumstances.

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School Placement

Our well-established knowledge of the U.K’s leading schools allows us to insightfully work with you to find the right school for your child.

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Learning Support

We have specialist tutors who come with a breadth of experience in teaching students with special education needs and disabilities.

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Why choose Bright Young Things?

Our team of tutors

Our tutors are inspiring, well-rounded individuals with extensive teaching experience who encourage students to become self-motivated in their approach to learning. We work with a small network of tutors who we know personally. Many of our tutors are ‘career-tutors’ and consider tutoring to be their full-time profession. Tutors are selected for their expert knowledge and experience of their teaching subjects, for their passion for tutoring and engaging and for their methodical teaching approach.

Our bespoke service

The BYT team is friendly and efficient and dedicated to providing the best educational services for our clients. We take a flexible approach and always respond to our clients’ individual needs. We are unique in that we are the only tutoring organisation in London specialising in both private tuition and small class-based learning tat our tuition centres across the UK.

Proven success

Our testimonials and tutor references show the success we have had with helping students in their academic endeavours. Over the years we have helped students gain access and win scholarships to top UK schools, helped pupils boost their grades and confidence and organised comprehensive home schooling programmes for students who are unable to attend mainstream school. To discuss the ways in which we can help your child, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

How does BYT select their tutors?

Most of our tutors her about us through personal recommendations. They are selected based on their experience, academic record, passion for teaching and ability to engage with their tutees. Our recruitment process is rigorous. We carry out all necessary background checks such as verification of qualifications, references and enhanced DBS checks and we also meet and interview all our tutors in person. The tutors we interview are asked to hold a presentation about an educational topic of interest or deliver a lesson in a subject of their choice. As far as possible, we select tutors who view tuition as a profession and want to commit to tutoring on a long-term basis.

What are the benefits of private tuition vs small group tuition?

Our team of tutors

Bright Young Things appreciates that children learn in different ways and that private tutoring is not the best option for everyone due to a number of different factors such as location, cost and the personality and academic goals of the student in question. We therefore offer two options for our clients; private tuition or small group tuition at our tuition centres. We value the benefits of both approaches.

Benefits of private tuition;
- The tutor can be fully devoted to a student’s individual learning needs and style.
- The intense nature of individual tuition ensures that a lot can be covered in a limited amount of time.
- Work can be done at a pace that suits the student: difficult areas or any gaps in knowledge can be addressed and thoroughly worked through.
- The tuition can take place in the convenience of the student’s home.

Benefits of small-group tuition;

- There is more room for interaction and peer-to-peer discussion.
- Interacting with other students often makes for a more fun tuition experience.
- Having others in a class can encourage healthy competition and push students to do better in a subject.
- Greater access to a wealth of learning resources.

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