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In addition to our hourly private tuition our tutors offer bespoke residential and home schooling programmes, school placement and learning support.

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Our tutors offer a range of Private Tuition services to suit your child’s needs.


Our tutors' perpetually high standard of hourly tuition is tailored to meet your needs. Our tutors come with exceptional references and a breadth of academic experience.

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Home schooling

At Bright Young Things we offer home schooling packages designed to suit the full spectrum of your child's academic needs.

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Admissions and School Placement

From the 4+, the 7+, 8+, ISEB pre-test, through 11+ to Common Entrance (CE) at 13+ and Common Academic Scholarships, our tutors have accountable track records, having worked with students who have obtained places at the UK’s most competitive boarding, independent and grammar schools. We also help international students navigate the British education system and gain entry to some of our most prestigious schools and universities.

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