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Home Schooling

Bespoke Home Schooling Programmes | We put your child's education first

We understand the unique responsibilities and challenges that parents take on when they make the decision to home-school a child.

Increasing numbers of parents are deciding to take control of their children’s home education and provide home schooling.
Making the choice to homeschool your child and embarking on the first steps to set it in motion can be a daunting process and that’s why we ensure that each of our clients receives a truly bespoke service. The beauty of homeschooling is it can be tailored to the student’s specific needs.

We offer homeschooling programmes at our tuition centres.

You can find your nearest centre here.

How we help...

We initially meet to discuss what homeschooling you would require, subjects, exam boards, strengths & weaknesses. We then create for you your Homeschooling Pack.

This includes a timetable based on yours and the students requirements, and a comprehensive plan of the schooling year. Unlike in a school, we can distribute your educational time to fit the student, if you need extra maths, we provide extra maths and anything else you may need.

Unique to every child...

At Bright Young Things, our experience and knowledge of the education system has proved invaluable for many parents and we’ve worked successfully to create academically stimulating study programmes in line with the national curriculum.

Many of our centres are now registered Exam Centres so GCSEs and A Levels can be taken in-house. If there are any exams that cannot be taken at our centres, we will help you to find a nearby and convenient institution that wil provide you what you need.

Structured learning

Each programme is designed in conjunction with the client,
in order to ensure that the student’s needs are directly addressed.

Our tutors home school children of all ages and all abilities,
and can adjust timetables to ensure that needs are met, with focus on areas where the student is struggling.

We discuss long-term educational plans with the family,
to ensure that the student’s learning journey is aligned to the family’s visions and desired outcomes.

We are with you every step of the way and pride ourselves in our bespoke service.

If you are looking into homeschooling and want to hear more about what we can do for you, give your nearest centre a call today.

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