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Hourly Tuition

At Bright Young Things, we offer exceptional hourly tuition across all subjects from primary to degree level.


Hourly Tuition

We offer private tutoring in Central London as one of our main services and one of our enduring strengths.

Student and Tutor Studying

Our experienced tutors have a proven track record of positively impacting students’ approaches to their studies and are encouraged to teach beyond the constraints of the syllabus and to inspire their students to develop inquisitive and analytical minds.

In order for students to get the best out of our hourly tuition service in London, we recommend that students are assessed before they are assigned a tutor. This enables us to match the most suitable tutor for their specific needs and learning style:

We visit students at a convenient location. Generally, we recommend the family home or at school – somewhere familiar and comfortable.

Having discussed the student’s current academic level, we ask questions to gain an understanding of his or her capability, confidence and ambitions in each of his or her chosen subjects. We then compare personal ambitions with teachers’ predicted grades, in order to structure a private tuition teaching programme accordingly. This idiosyncratic programme is designed to maximise the chances of realising the pupil’s ambitions.

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