Subject: Biology
Level: IGCSE
Exam Boards: EDEXCEL

Section (1.1-1.3)

7 Life Processes

Movement – All living things move (roots move into soil, humans run)

Respiration – All living things make energy from glucose through respiration

Sensitivity – All living things react to their surroundings.

Nutrition – Plants make their own food, animals must consume food

Excretion – All living things get rid of waste products from chemical reactions

Reproduction – All living things make offspring to continue their species

Growth – All living organisms grow (get bigger)

Animal Cells (multicellular organism) store carbohydrates as glycogen

A – Nucleus – for nervous coordination, controls functions within the cell. B – Cytoplasm – Where most chemical reactions inside the cell take place. C – Cell Membrane – partially permeable membrane that controls what enters and exits the cell D – Mitochondria ­– Where aerobic respiration occurs

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