Secondary and GCSE Tuition

Secondary and GCSE Tuition

Bright Young Things offers one-to-one home tuition in London in all secondary subjects: from the core subjects of English (Literature and Language), maths and science, through to the less popular options such as Classical Civilisation and Mandarin.

Our tutors can help students at all ages, but for GCSE, we will engage tutors who have obtained degrees from top universities in the subject that your child wishes to work on. All BYT tutors are familiar with the syllabi across the exam boards, including Edexcel, AQA, CIE, WJEC and the iGCSE curriculum.

Whether your child requires support to improve grades, to tackle confidence issues, or to practice exam technique, our tutors are able to help.

Why choose BYT for secondary and GCSE tuition? Last year, 94% of BYT GCSE students improved by at least one grade, with 60% of students achieving a L9 or L8 in their tutored GCSE subject.

Bright Young Things is proud to offer specialised classes in our centres for secondary and GCSE students. Our Success in Secondary classes are designed to support students from years 7 to 9. From year 7, the focus is on offering continued support and ensuring core skills are in place so as to make the Key Stage 2 to 3 transition as smooth as can be. Our English, maths, and science GCSE courses provides extensive preparation for students sitting their IGCSEs and GCSEs under Edexcel, AQA, CIE, WJEC and all main exam boards.

We understand the demands of a new school and learning environment and our classes allow students to build the confidence needed in order shine in their classes at school. Our small class sizes allow our students to work closely with our tutors.

To find out more about Secondary and GCSE Tuition in our centres, please email or call the centre nearest to you:

  • Harrow - 020 8909 2829
  • High Wycombe - 01494 911 655
  • Maidenhead - 01628 918 132
  • St Albans - 01727 260 239

Why Bright Young Things?

  • 94% of BYT GCSE students improved by at least one grade
  • 60% of BYT GCSE students achieved a L9 or a L8 in their GCSEs
  • 80% of BYT A-Level students improved by at least one grade, with 13% improving by three grades
  • 53% of BYT A-Level students achieved an A* or an A, over twice the national average of 26.4%
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