GCSE and A Level Spanish Revision Courses

GCSE and A Level Spanish Revision Course

The GCSE Revision Courses will cover:

BYT GCSE Spanish Revision Course covers both the introduction skills needed to get top marks as well as all the challenging parts of the course.

With excellent exam technique and past papers reviewed by our Spanish tutors, the revision course is an excellent way to reach the maximum results in the GCSE exam

Topics covered include:

  • Listening and understanding spoken Spanish
  • Speaking in Spanish
  • Reading and understanding written Spanish
  • Writing in Spanish

The A level Revision Course will cover:

The BYT Spanish A level revision course will give pupils the key skills in getting the highest mark possible. The Spanish A level can be quite hard to reach the extensive understanding that the exam boards require in the exams.

Understanding both the written an spoken word in Spanish. Fluency in understanding the spoken and written word will be needed to get the top marks. With a clear understanding of syntax and grammar are key.

Our world class Spanish tutors will lead the pupils through the challenging parts of the A level.

Using discussion, debate and along with past papers the pupils will go through all the parts that usually trip up the pupils at the exam. With exam technique at the heart of the revising tackling the suitable exam boards.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered in the Spanish A level revision course:


  • Verbs: dependent infinitives
  • Inversion after adverbs
  • Inversion after speech

Other uses of the subjunctive

  • Conjunctions: subordinating
  • All forms of indirect speech
  • Variations of normal word order

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