Maths & English, 11 Plus & GCSE + A Levels

Tuition & learning centre Basingstoke

Quality Maths, English, 11 plus, GCSE  and A Level tuition.  Along with Alternative Arrangements.

Our OFSTED registered tuition & learning centre teaches children  through to GCSE.

Our highly skilled Basingstoke tutors deliver first class results in supporting pupils to achieve their academic goals.

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Maths, English, GCS & 11 plus Tuition centre, Fulham

Why Basingstoke Bright Young Things?:

  • 94% of our pupils pass the 11 plus into the grammar School of choice
  • 100% pupils improve by at least two GCSE grades while attending our classes
  • Quality Alternative provision support
  • 80% of pupils remain with us through to secondary support after the 11 plus
  • Our OFSTED registered Centre’s provide children with an excellent learning environment with small classes  and a focussed atmosphere.
  • All of our lessons are tutor and classroom led with our resources that go beyond the curriculum.

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