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Why is group learning beneficial?

Bright Young Things Centres were born of our desire to make excellent teaching and interesting learning accessible to all. In our centres, students work closely with inspiring tutors to consolidate school work, prepare for exams such as the 11 Plus and GCSEs, and to enhance overall academic performance. The average tutor to student ratio in Bright Young Things Centres is 1:4.

Learning in groups (sometimes known as cooperative learning) has many advantages. We have found that BYT students who engage in group learning tend to:

  • Enjoy higher academic achievement
  • Have higher self-esteem
  • Are more motivated to learn and achieve
  • Have a greater ability to view situations from others’ perspectives
  • Are better at critical thinking, problem solving, verbal reasoning
  • Develop team skills such as leadership and communication
  • Maintain better subject knowledge and understanding
  • Encourage one another

Furthermore, our small class sizes allow for pupils to have more access time with the tutors.

In our centres, we prioritise communications with parents as well as students. The closer interaction with tutors allows us to give you detailed feedback after every lesson. Parents are kept fully informed of their child(ren)’s progress, as well as any challenges that the student is facing.

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