The Benefits of 1:1 tuition

One to one tuition is very effective in achieving the best results for your child. There is no other approach that is so focussed on individual needs. 

our unique approach


BYT one to one tuition will provide:

  • An Individual tailored programme to reflect the specific requirements of the student.
  • Clearly devised programme with goals to ensure each student achieves their academic aspirations. 
  • Careful selection of tutors to ensure we achieve the perfect match for your child. 
  • Focussed, engaging sessions to rapidly increase student progress.
  • Specialist tutors for any major academic challenge including 11+, entrance exams, GCSE, A-levels, IB, BA, Bsc, MA dissertations and professional qualifications.
  • Stress reducing and mentorship support. 
  • Thorough understanding of students strengths and weaknesses.
  • Over a decade of understanding students and their unique requirements. 
  • Specialist support for SEN students or children.