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Science Tuition

Science at BYT

Our specialist tutors at Bright Young Things emphasise the inquiry, scrutiny, and information-sharing that is crucial to success in science. To promote scientific literacy, an outstanding science tutor will engage students in activities that promote problem-solving and critical thinking.

Science tuition should allow students to develop an ability to investigate and demonstrate scientific hypotheses. They must be skilled at communicating scientific ideas as part of their academic development. Our biology, chemistry, and physics tutors strive to introduce a desire to further investigate the wonders of science while helping your child build his/ her confidence and improve school grades.

What we cover?


Building scientific knowledge.


Working on conceptual understanding.


Nature, processes and methods of science.


Understanding and confidence with Biology, Chemistry and Physics as separate disciplines.


Working towards exams and tests where necessary - tests, essays and exam practice.


Developing an interest and desire to explore.

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