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What We Teach - Secondary

Private Tutors in London & Tuition in our Centres across the South of the U.K.


We offer weekly lessons across the GCSE and IGCSE subject range. The lessons are suited to students up to Year 11 who would like to improve skills and confidence in their subjects, as well as develop exam techniques and study skills. GCSE revision courses run throughout the year.

Tutor working with pupil in London

Weekly tuition classes and tutors covering GCSE/ IGCSE subjects

People meeting

Excellent tutors who help improve skills and boost confidence

Student studying

Tutor led revision courses are offered throughout the year

Our revision courses are specifically designed to help students improve their knowledge and tackle the complexities of the syllabus, giving them the skills and exam techniques to excel. Courses are conducted in small groups or offered on a one-to-one basis.

With our help, students have gone on to achieve the grades needed for top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.

In our one-to-one lessons the speed and topic will depend solely on the pupil’s needs.

We also cater for those students who are looking to take exams as independent candidates.


We offer A Level Revision Courses in a range of subjects. Our A Level revision courses take place every week throughout the year and over 3 days in the Easter and Christmas breaks. There are several options when attending one of our courses:

Tutor working with pupil

Drop in revision sessions

People meeting

Weekly scheduled revision classes

Student studying

Comprehensive 3 day revision courses

A Level students can choose between drop in sessions, weekly scheduled revision classes and holiday courses.

In one-to-one lessons the speed and topic will depend solely on the pupil’s need.

Our small revision classes allow for discussion-based learning, giving pupils the chance to share ideas in a dynamic learning environment and tutors the opportunity address any gaps in students’ knowledge and clarify misunderstandings. Tutors help students tackle the more challenging aspects of the syllabus, understand what examiners are looking for and express independent thinking to achieve high grades.

Please contact your nearest centre for more information.

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